What you need as a Beginner

If you are willing to do ​the deep dive, be aware of the fact,  that this hobby is pretty addictive as well as budget and time-consuming but believe me,  you won't regret it.


Quality budget starter set:

GEPRC TinyGo best beginner fpv drone set to start out at a reasonable price point. Complete FPV drone kit including a drone, FPV goggles, a remote controller, and a carrying case, providing everything needed for immersive first-person view flying experiences

GEPRC “TinyGO” Ready To Fly Kit

Meet TinyGO - the ultimate drone that's designed for novice pilots starting from scratch. Inside the kit, you'll find a high-definition 800x480px FPV goggle and the latest TinyRadio GR8 remote controller, specially designed for indoor and novice pilots. 

Includes everything you need
to start out

Experience the ultimate FPV adventure with TinyGO - the perfect RTF kit for indoor flight! As a beginner, you'll be thrilled to know that our package includes everything you need to get started.

THE perfect rig to start out

Each TinyGO is carefully assembled by the GEPRC team for excellent performance. So why wait? Start your FPV journey today and experience the thrill of TinyGO - your first and best choice for an unforgettable FPV drone experience!


With its lightweight and easy-to-carry design, you'll never have to worry about carrying heavy equipment. Plus, our customized GEPRC Fly Bag makes it convenient to take your TinyGO wherever you go.

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GEPRC DoMain 3.6" / 4.2"

ESC:TAKER  E55A 32Bit 4IN1
Gyro: MPU6000
VTX:O3 Air Unit
Camera:O3 camera

Motor:SPEEDX2 2105.5  2650KV
Propellers: GEMFAN 3630 – 3
Weight: 295g ±5g
Receiver:PNP/ TBS NanoRX / GEPRC ELRS2.4
Recommend battery:Lipo 6S 1050-1300mah

Small & Powerfull even with an actioncam

Meet the DoMain, GEPRC's trailblazing Freestyle FPV drone, boasting a one-of-a-kind structural design that enhances frame stability like never before. This drone is not just about performance; it's about personalization too. The innovative side panel design is fully integrated and ready for your custom decals, offering endless possibilities for creativity and uniqueness.


The new side panel design is integrated, supporting DIY side panel decals.Higher creativity and diversity. No Props in view.

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Infographic titled 'Top Beginner Tips' with four sections: 1. Safety First - Fly in a safe location and respect privacy. 2. Start Small - Use a simulator and begin with a simple quad. 3. Choose the Right Gear - Invest in reliable equipment. 4. Respect and Learn from Others - Follow other FPV pilots and learn from their experiences, featuring relevant icons and images of FPV drones.

Top Beginner Tips

Person wearing FPV goggles, flying a drone over a picturesque winter landscape with snowy mountains and a calm river, showcasing the immersive experience of FPV drone piloting

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