FPV First Person View Video

Indoor - outdoor - slow - fast

FPV drones are precise, remote operated, unmanned aircraft, capable of stunning manovers at high speeds. They open new oportunities which lead to fresh, astonishing perspectives in a manner never seen before. Here we'll give you a brief overview about what can be acomplished - Starting from macro to micro.
Imagine an 5" propped, flying action cam chasing you in your fancy new sportscar at the same pace up to 160km/h. However, speed is just one of the various capabilties of FPV drones. When it comes to cinematic action near people, smaller 3" or 2.5" propped quads are used to capture crisp 4k Footage up to 120fps. These kind of machines are used while filming sports scenarious like marshall arts, dancing, skateboarding or tight environments within houses or industrial sites.

From Zero to Hero in less than a second

Regarding acceleration, FPV drones are 7x faster than the Porsche GT3 which exceeds the 160km/h mark after about 7sec whereas a FPV racer does the job in about a single second. Actually at first so called Racing Drones dominated the young FPV market leading to several individual Drone Racing Leagues with sales over the 1.5 billion dollar mark a year.

Over the last severall years different branches of FPV applications were born, namely racing, freestyle and cinematic. The latter refers to smooth flying with the goal of painting a astonishing picture of whatever you want to showcase.

Beyond boundaries of imagination

Got a great idea for a shot, that can't be accomplished by coventional filming gear?

May it be too dangerous?
Too fast?
Too wet?
Too narrow?
You are just at the right place!

Regardless of whether you plan to stage a shot of your new sportscar or if you want to show your recently opened restaurant. FPV is the right choice!

Perceive a different Point of View

As of today, First Person View flying hasn't become too prominent and therefore easily leaves people with open mouths and remarkable as well as remeberalbe expiriences in your client's heads. Jump right onto the hypetrain and reach out to us! Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to witness the world from a perspective that will leave youe clients longing for more.

Speaking of projects near people - savety is in any case our main concern. Navigating responsible near people or high-value goods in very tight, highly dynamic environments requires propper protection as well as ultra light setups below the 250g limit.


Anything you can image ... and beyond

Hotels and Restaurants (coming soon)

Fresh perspectives starting from inside the kitchen, through narrow gaps, to the bar showing off your bar tender's skills before heading to the honeymoon suite.

(Motor-) Sports

Chase chase chase - fast or slow - save and responsible near people and valuable things like Driftcars, martial arts, artistic performance and anything imagable.

Exhibitions, Events and Conferences (TBA)

Original angles showing off perspectives never seen before from inside exhibitions, concerts, parties, nightlife, trade fairs or any event conceivable.

One Shot commercials

Painting the whole story by means of a singel shot. No cuts. No transitions. With the help of supernumeraries, if preferred.


Industrial plants, power plants, constructions sites. Imageclips as well as ongoing documentation anywhere conventional drones will struggle: underground, tubes, railways, public transport.

Real estate and special locations

Original, incomparable impressions from the inside: real estate, exhibitions, gathering, artistic performance, business headquaters

FPV OneShot

Past Projects


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