A unique, immersive perspective for real estate, capturing properties in stunning detail. Indoor and Outdoor.


One-shot commercials tell a brand's story in a single take, engaging audiences with a seamless, impactful narrative.


Offering detailed aerial views for progress tracking and inspection, enhancing project management and safety.


FPV drones excel in filming dynamic scenes both indoors and outdoors, even close to people, offering vivid, immersive footage.


Drones revolutionize photogrammetry, providing precise, 3D mapping and imagery from aerial views, enhancing analysis and planning.


FPV drones offer immersive, thrilling perspectives for events, sports, and concerts, ​dynamically  capturing the action up close in vibrant detail.

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About FPV


Indoor - outdoor - slow - fast

FPV drones are precise, remote-operated, unmanned aircraft, capable of stunning maneuvers at high speeds. They open new opportunities which lead to fresh, astonishing perspectives in a manner never seen before. Here we'll give you a brief overview of what can be accomplished - Starting from macro to micro.
Imagine a 5" propped, flying action cam chasing you in your fancy new sportscar at the same pace up to 160km/h. However, speed is just one of the various capabilities of FPV drones. When it comes to cinematic action near people, smaller 3" or 2.5" propped quads are used to capture crisp 4k Footage up to 120fps. These kinds of machines are used while filming sports scenarios like marshall arts, dancing, skateboarding, or tight environments within houses or industrial sites.

FPV Use Cases

OneShot commercials

Painting the whole story by means of a single shot. No cuts. No transitions. With the help of supernumeraries, if preferred. Experience your business from a new angle with FPV OneShots. One drone, one flight, one seamless 4K story. 


Transform the way you showcase your industrial operations capturing complexity: Industrial plants, power plants, construction sites. Imageclips as well as ongoing documentation anywhere conventional drones will struggle.

Tourism and Travel

Your Passport to Unseen Perspectives. Explore stunning destinations through the lens of FPV. Hotels, Bars, Restaurants,
ski resorts, beach resoorots

Music Videos

Bring your music to life. Glide through scenes, swoop around performers, and capture emotion in dynamic 4K. Turn your music into an experience.


Get closer to the action than ever before with FPV. Dive into the arena, skim the turf, and follow every move in 4K. Turn spectators into participants. FPV in Sports—The Ultimate Front-Row Experience.

Hotels and Restaurants

Bring your hotel or restaurant to life with dynamic FPV drone footage. Glide through tight spaces, showcasing the vibe and special features of your venue in crisp 4K. A engaging way to attract more visitors and give them a preview that stands out. Make every angle inviting and every visit memorable.

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